Experts Reveal the Top Secrets for Finding Discounted Football Tickets

NFL tickets aren’t cheap. The average admission cost fans $84 last year and $122 for games featuring higher profile teams like the New England Patriots, according to Team Marketing Report. To save money on tickets, experts stress patience, as sellers are more likely to drop prices as it gets closer to the game. Though keep in mind, for well-performing teams in the weeks leading up to a game, sellers might actually raise prices amid stronger demand. Experts also advise buying tickets directly from the team. When demand for tickets softened following the 2008 recession, teams starting selling more tickets directly to fans and offering various perks for season ticket holders, which experts refer to as a ‘dying breed.’ Finally, consider seeing your favorite teams outside of its home city. A Giants game in New York cost $112 a ticket last year, on average. But when the Giants headed south to play in Jacksonville, Florida, prices plummeted to $58.

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