Donald Trump vs. Blac Chyna

Topics: The Turner Administration just had its first setback.

– Sell your unused gift cards to get extra money.

– Banks just can’t quit hitting you with overdraft fees.

– Chelsea (Las Vegas, NV) asks about buying time in a pension plan.

– Monica (Ceti Alpha 5) thinks I’m speaking on a higher plain of existence.

– Michael is 59 and wants advice on paying off debts or investing in a business that produces a second income.

– John is also 59 and recently divorced and trying to rebuild from scratch.

– Alice asks about the tax implications of collecting social security and working.

– Deacon Hayes on why Millennials may not be able to retire.

– Today’s show is brought to you by the letter P for Paris Hilton.

– Using your walk away power to get a deal on a house.

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CardPool –

Why Millennials may not be able to retire –

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