Do You Want Lower Interest Payments on Your Credit Cards?

One of the many things that people wish for when they are in debt is to get a lower interest payment from the people that they borrowed the money from. Time used to be that loan sharks would put a charge a week as well as a interest rate on the money that was borrowed from them, well now they are called late charges and credit cards.

If you are determined to get out of debt or even just looking to be paying less each month to the credit cards night out on the town fund (commonly known as the interest rate and late charges) then you need to contact them and ask!

Here is how getting a lower interest payment works. Through the thousands of companies offering you credit cards there are literally tons of offers available at any one time and most of them at one time or another will end up in your mail. Zero Percent for Six Months on Balance Transfers, Introductory Rate Swap Today and my favorite Free Dinner Set when you sign up with us! Do you need to swap? No.

What you need to do it call your credit card company and tell them you want a lower interest payment, then before they go off to see if that is possible ask how long you have been a customer (this is a great way to get them to see they will lose a valid customer if they do not do as you ask, in any other form its emotional blackmail). When they come back with an offer, say thats great but have a counter offer ready. Have one of those offers we mentioned above close to hand and quote it to them if it is better than they have offered ask them to match it!

Do not over push but if you ask for a lower interest payment they will give one to you. When the offer that they have given you runs out then call them again and ask again for the latest offer that has just landed on your door!

Source by Steven Turner

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