Do You Know The Problems With Frugality?

Topics: Scott discusses why frugality is not always the best option for your finances.

– Jen (New Jersey) has a 401(k) with high fees and asks if it’s better to invest in a taxable account instead.

– Brandon just graduated from college, is unemployed, and asks if it is wise to start investing.

– Alexis was recently laid off, has no savings, and wonders if she should consolidate her credit card bills into a single monthly payment.

– Shajee is 17 years old and wants to start investing and asks how he can get started if he is underage.

– Chris has a pension from an old employer and is deciding on an early distribution or rolling it over to an IRA.

– Update on what’s going on with Scott’s car after it got rear ended.

– Gillette welcome back program gives out free razors.

– Susan (Denton, TX) and her husband paid off 5 credit cards.

– Quote of the day brought to you by Bob Ross.

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