Topics: How to work through pain and suffering.

– Jesse falls for election night market madness.

– Eileen (MA) asks about saving for college and FASFA.

– Abigail is 22 and working at a fast-food job but would like to pursue photography full-time.

– David (Dallas, TX) has an out of state rental property he’s deciding what to do with.

– A father’s letter to his adult children.

– CC (Phoenix, AZ) has an ARM loan on an investment property and wonders about refinancing or unloading the property.

– Scott rants: no millionaire ever claimed to get rich on credit card points.

– MJ has an offer for a credit card balance transfer and asks if he should take it.

– Al (Northern California) paid off $19,000 in debt!

Links mentioned on the show:

A father’s letter to his adult children on Thanksgiving –

Expected Family Contribution for College Calculator –

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