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Credit Repair with Anthony Sobak and Sobak Financial. Here are some of their own customer reviews – Murrieta, Temecula CA credit repair 877-762-2580 Not only Sobak Financial covers Murrieta & Temecula but Riverside County as well as all the state of California and 49 states.

Sobak Financial team is just AMAZING!

Reviewed By Teresa M.
“My hat goes off to Tony and his amazing staff, Cody, Brandon, and Donna for they are an awesome team that consistently demonstrates professionalism. I went to Tony for a credit repair because I wanted to buy a home within the following year, he assured me that he could bring up my credit score and explained the process and steps that I needed to follow. Just a week of meeting with Tony the owner of the home that I was renting at that time unexpectedly informed me that they were selling the house due to their own financial hardship and gave me a thirty day notice to move. Very untimely, I wasn’t at the point to where I could buy a home yet and it was tough to even find another rental with my poor credit score, I was passed up on several rental applications and if I was accepted they required a ridiculous amount for a deposit. I was down to the wire, just one week before I had to move, I had found nothing, so I called Cody (a Godsend) and told him that I had only until the end of that day to pay off what collection and charge off accounts that I could in order to get my credit score up. This was for the home requiring a huge deposit, so it made more sense to put my money where it counts, paying off creditors and rising my score and hopefully at the same time getting that deposit to move in down. Cody was amazing he made calls, he negotiated, he had me on the phone every step of the way with what the creditors would and would not do, he got creditors paid, he got letters of confirmation and paid off statements that I needed for the rental. The following morning I still had one creditor that was just impossible to work with, Tony called me and ask that I come into his office so that we could get this creditor on the phone and get some positive result; Cody wasn’t in at that time and that’s when I met Brandon (another Godsend), he stepped right up and took over for Cody until he arrived. Brandon immediately got on the phone and handled the situation with the upmost professionalism and was extremely courteous with everyone he spoke with; he won them over with his kindness. I was in their office for several hours and I was more than impressed with how Tony’s team of employees conduct business; they are all hard working, extremely polite, incredible patience, very knowledgeable, and unbelievably helpful.

My credit score was improved literally overnight and the deposit for the rental home was reduced to the normal asking price, I did not have to pay a dime extra on the deposit and I moved in that following weekend thanks to Sobak Financial. I’m continuing to work on my credit in order to still buy my own home next year and Cody takes the extra steps to follow up consistently with updates and reminders regarding my schedule to pay off the other creditors.

Thank you Sobak Financial! Tony’s team of employees reflects his experience and extensive customer satisfaction which has built a team of professionals working together to insure the success of Sobak Financials’ business venture. Thank you! Thank you! Teresa.”

For more information about credit repair from Sobak Financial or to contact Anthony Sobak and his team, please call to schedule your free consultation:
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