Credit Bureau – Best Bureau Revealed?

Credit Bureau – Did you know that over 75% of Americans do not know their Credit Score! And 20% have never even seen their Credit Score!

Do you know what is the best Credit Bureau? And what other services you made need? I was in your same situation, I've done your homework for you so you do not have to.

But first, Congratulations !, you are looking for your credit report and interested in your credit score. That means you are ahead of most people and can there before get ahead in like, by fixing your score and getting that great loan. A good Credit Report is one of the most important things in life.

Ok, where to start?

Start at the start, You need to know about the 3 American Credit Report Bureaus – they are Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. You need to get all three of your credit reports from each bureau, make sure you get all 3, as your credit report will be different for each bureau.

This is because your past lenders and other personal details only get reported to one of the bureaus and you do not know which one – to get all your info you need to get all three and then correct any wrong information and call back the bureaus to Make sure they are updated and consistent.

Here's some tips and info about each Credit Bureau


If offers your own Bureau Credit Report and employees over 15,500 people in 36 counties. Founded in 1986. They have a good knowledge-about website with a financial center to ask specific information.

Customer Review are very favorable. You will find that they have a 5 star rating on Consumer Intelligence website Go to this site to get additional info, this is where you can find further information.

A point to note is that they have created each customer with a password to limit internet fraud on your account.


Equifax offers your own Bureau Credit Report and is slightly smaller then Experian in revenue and employers.

They started in 1899 and state that technological innovation has provided powerful solutions to their customers. they have a 2 and a half rating out of five. So not the best rating.

Customer service is only two out of five. There have been a few reports and disputes. A user has said that their printed on-line reports are incomplete. Note that they have many FCRA violations.


Originated in 1968 and have headquarters in Chicago USA. We are talking large in size, they maintain Credit Reports for over 500 Million people. On the shopping review site they are rated brilliant five out of five. There top benefits include a easy and simple to order website. Their information's easy to view and understand.

I hope this article provides you with a few tips and gives you some good advice that will make you and expert on your own Bureau Credit Report for a strong financial future.

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