“Closed by Grantor” Remark on Your Credit Report and Its Implications

Request a credit card report to get yourself acquainted of any information or details that you intend to verify on your credit card account. Expect that there will be times you can notice comments like “closed by grantor” or something that says “account closed at grantor’s request”. It might be worrying at first time looking at these remarks as it might cause any undesirable effect on your credit rating.

However, it’s needless to make any worries. It won’t affect your credit rating.

Once you see this “closed by grantor” remark on your credit report, it is for the reason that your credit card company had closed your account. There are possible reasons why:

1. Late payments.
2. Account inactivity for some time.
3. There was a balance transfer to a new card.
4. Your account has been involved in fraud.

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