Buy! Sell! No Wait – Buy! Er, Sell!

Topics: CNBC calls out one of the financial pied pipers that got it wrong – what was his response?

– Tyler is considering a consolidation loan to help him get out of debt faster.

– Kaiya wants to go to college but not take out any student loans.

– Employees of companies with great performing stock are more likely to over-invest in their employer’s stock in their retirement accounts.

– Samson wants to know how to make fast, free, and easy money.

– Anonymous is out of bankruptcy and asks how much to have in savings in case of an emergency.

– John (Parts Unknown) and his wife earn $225,000 and can’t contribute to a Roth IRA. What is there next best option?

– Daniel Norris is a millionaire living in a VW bus.

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Daniel Norris the Van Man –

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