Budgeting Sucks!

Topics: Trey and his wife are looking for the perfect budget for them. He’s heard a lot of different approaches and asks about the ‘no budget’ philosophy from some financial experts.

– Alli is on fire and paid off $22,000 in debt.

– Dale has $750,000 invested and is trying to figure out if he can retire if he spends $30,000/year.

– Mike is getting started investing and asks about the Stash app.

– Yahya (Mauritania) has meteorites for sale.

– Caroline (Jekyll Island) is late to the investing game and trying to balance saving for retirement and a potential house downpayment.

– Rachel is trying to save my by quitting smoking.

– Don’t feel bad – even high income earners are defaulting on their student loans.

– Quote of the day from Gwen Stefani.

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SoFi’s Losses Pile Up –

How to quit smoking –

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