Blip Coin and Pot Stocks

Topics: You can’t miss the hype about Bitcoin in the news and all the money people are making. Scott separates fact from fiction in today’s throw down on getting rich quick.

– David (Scottsdale, AZ) needs credit counseling and wants to know the name of a legit service.

– Chris (Dallas, TX) is 40 years old and asks about creating an income stream so he doesn’t have to work and is deciding between several options.

– Melanie needs guidance on where to invest $50k.

– Trudy (Nevada) is at a full-service brokerage and wants to know if she should move her IRA to a discount broker. Plus her son wants to start an IRA too.

– Jared and his wife ask about the pros and cons of REITs and physical rental properties.

– Christian (Asheville, NC) got $450 for Christmas but doesn’t need it for anything and wonders what to do with it.

– Today’s show is brought to you by the letter Z (FINALLY!).

– Shauni saved $1,875 in the save money challenge.

Links mentioned on the show:

National Foundation for Credit Counseling –

Is this course worth $2,000? –

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