Better Way to Fix Your Credit Than Using Credit Law Firms

There are hundreds of law firms out there that specialize in credit repair. I may get sued for writing this, but it's my opinion that credit repair law firms cost too much money and do nothing to fix your credit fast. Here's why:

Problem # 1: Ridiculous Monthly Charges Most credit repair law firms charges a $ 99 setup fee and anywhere from $ 39 to $ 79 every month that they work on your file. Since they charge monthly, the longer they take to repair your credit, the more money they make. In fact, some credit law firms tell you that it could take a year, two years, or even three years ($ 567 to $ 2,000), which is why they're getting very rich. Why pay $ 2,000 or even $ 500, when there are excellent credit repair programs available for less than $ 100?

Problem # 2: You Do Most of the Work Here's a dirty little secret that credit law firms do not want you to know: you still have to do most of the work yourself – more work, in fact, than when you use credit repair software (more about that later). In addition to all the paperwork you have to fill out and get notarized, you must request your own credit reports. Since the credit bureaus mail all documents to you, you will be constantly copying them, putting them into another envelope, and sending them to the law firm. You may have to do this five or six times every week. The credit repair law firm will then scan your credit reports and post them on the web (security issues?) Then, believe it or not, even with all the money you're paying to the law firm, you still have to go to their website and choose for yourself which items you want to dispute and even how to challenge each negative credit item. All the law firm does is print out form letters that they send to the credit bureaus. Does not it make you a little uncomfortable knowing that the longer they take, the more money they make?

Problem # 3: Crappy Guarantee All they have to do is remove one credit card inquiry and they consider that they've done their job, so there's no money back even if 99% of your credit report is still negative after three years and $ 2,000.

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