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Topics: How can you improve any area of your life? Scott shares what he did in he’s doing in his business to take it to the next level. The same principals can be applied to health, relationships, careers, business, and more.

– A simple negotiating tip.

– Chase asks how to get smarter with money if you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck.

– El Toro is in great financial shape but needs some investing advice.

– Alison has tried multiple ways to make a budget work and asks for help.

– Rebecca is paying down her debts but still feels like she’s playing catch-up.

– Mr Gym (Northern Virginia) needs some help picking between different investment options at Vanguard.

– Jeremy is living at home and asks about knocking out debt or moving out and getting an apartment.

– Snapchat had it’s IPO. Who’s buying the stock and why?

– Congrats to Sarah P. who won the $100 Amazon Gift Card

– Quote of the day from @DaveMustaine

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