Advantages and Disadvantages of Debt Consolidation Services

Getting over debts can be a tough challenge. Some people try to resolve bad credit on their own while others seek professional help. For instance, if you try to avail credit and debt counseling services, consolidation may be one of the solutions that your counseling agency would recommend.

The primary advantage of debt consolidation is that by combining all your debts into a single account, it becomes easier for you to remember your due dates and track your payments. There is no need to juggle your payments between different creditors. Debt consolidation also means paying only a single interest at a much lower cost.

Through debt consolidation, it is possible to slash off a significant amount of fees from your total debts. Instead of continuously incurring the additional interest each month, you can pay off all your creditors at once and stop your debts from accumulating. Most creditors are even willing to make adjustments to make repayment easier for their clients, especially if there is a possibility that the client may file for bankruptcy.

Nevertheless, signing up with the wrong debt consolidation company can only make matters worse for someone in debt. Take note that not all credit counseling agencies or debt consolidation companies have your best interests at heart. There are agencies offering counseling services that are actually designed to take advantage of your financial situation. Therefore, if you do decide to sign up for counseling or a debt consolidation program, it is crucial to do extensive research first before making a choice.

Another risk about consolidation is the tendency to incur new debts right in the middle of repayment. Remember that consolidating your debts does not exempt you from your obligation to pay. You still need to keep up with your monthly consolidation payment to your lender. Unfortunately, some people found themselves stuck in new debts while still in the middle of their consolidation loan repayments. Instead of being free, these people have only added a heavier burden on their shoulders.

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