5 Trusted People Most Likely to Steal From You

When it comes to getting robbed, most people think strangers are their worst enemy. In fact, statistics show that it's the closest people to you that are the ones being deceitful. This is not meant to make you paranoid, or cause you to gain a distrust for the trustworthy people in your life, only to make you more aware of your surroundings. Here are the Top 5 people in and out of your daily life that are most likely to steal from you:

1. Babysitters and Nannies. We place our babysitters and nannies in our homes and among our most prized possessions- our children. We give them access into our lives, our valuables, our family. They have the opportunity to further themselves into our lives while were away from home. Most times, our babysitters can be trusted, however, in many cases, they can not be.

2. Co-Workers. When it comes to our co-workers, believe it or not, we actually open ourselves up without being too concerned. Many times, women leave purses and jackets lining around and step away from these items with the thoughts that personal information such as credit cards, home addresses on driver's licenses, etc. Are in safe quarters. Co-workers, though they can be trusted to some degree, are the ones we tell about future travel plans, romantic nights out of the house and so on. This gives them the perfect opportunity to break-in and take advantage of you.

3. Family / Children. Unfortunately we can not always choose our family members. And what makes it worse is that most of us have no choice except to be around relatives who are shady and sneaky. The same goes for our kids. Unfortunately our children steal from us, whether it's something as big as money or jewelry, or as petty as clothes and loose coin. It's important that if you have relatives, even your children, who are suspicious of committing theft, you should keep your personal belongings locked up.

4. Neighbors and Neighborhoods Kids. As with family, you do not have a choice of who your neighbors are. What makes it worse is that your neighbors have every opportunity to learn your routines, your work schedules and your places on nights and weekends. With this valuable information, they are usually some of the first ones to break-in to your home and rob you.

5. Friends of Trusted Friends. Think about it. How many times have you thrown a party, BBQ or little get together at your home and say to your friends "bringing who you like like". And they do. This is not good, especially since the people they bring over are complete strangers, which you already trust and respect simply because they are friends of your friends. While in your home they have the opportunity to view your photos, check out your artwork, watch TV on your plasma, etc. The next thing they have to do is ask you about your travels, ask where you like to go and how often. And you'll probably open right up, because after all, they are friends of your trusted friends.

See, most of us are so busy worrying about the creeps, monsters and weirdo's that we forget to watch out for the ordinary, normal and girl / boy next door folks.

Source by Jeremy York

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