#34 My Last 4 Balance Transfers using The APR Compounder, 3rd & 4th Balance Transfer Discounts

The Transfer Your Balance 101 APR Compounder will Compound our Interest, Plus Calculate a Balance Transfer Fee. Then, it’ll Calculate our Balance Transfer Discount automatically.

In This Video I use The APR Compounder to Calculate the Savings on my 2 Chase Slate Card Balances. I also talk a little about why I got into using Balance Transfers to Finance my Retraining. One reason, was because it was my only option, and another was so I don’t end up working at a fill em fast gas station until I’m dead broke, or dead.

The APR Compounder is Part 3 of The Transfer Your Balance 101 4 Part Training Series. It’s another Tool that I Created, and it makes Calculating our Balance Transfer Discounts a lot easier. We just Input 5 Values, then it’ll do it’s Calculations, and Output our Discount of $2,031 at a 3% APR instantly.

To get a Copy of The APR Compounder, You’ll need to Unlock The 100% FREE Transfer Your Balance 101 Training Series located at https://transferyourbalance.us.

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